apples ayurveda digestion recipe Mar 27, 2021

Fall Season is the perfect time to warm your food.

According to Ayurveda, eating warmed foods and adding warming elements, such as cinnamon and spices help the digestion stay strong during the winter months.

I love to make a quick and easy, any time meal with fresh delicious in-season apples. Because I live California, I can actually grow apples and that warms my heart as they are on the “must be organic” list for me and my family.

I am a big believer in the law of least effort, especially when in the kitchen, so stewed and spicy apples are the perfect meal for this season!

Spicy-Sweet Autumn Apples Recipe

4-6 apples, cored and cut to your preference

4 pitted prunes

1 stick of cinnamon

4 green cardamom pods

6 whole cloves

1 c. water

Optional: add figs or dried fruit to your liking

If possible, try to use all organic ingredients.

I like to core and cut a couple of apples and place them in a cast iron skillet skin side down. Then I add 4 pitted prunes, or more if you like, and maybe a couple of figs (again according to your personal preference). Add a stick of cinnamon, 4 green cardamon pods, and 6 whole cloves. Add a cup of water and some dried fruit to the apples and cook until the apples are soft, takes approximately 17 minutes.


Enjoy this simple & delicious dish anytime!