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9:30 AM Basics
6:30 PM Strong
8:00 PM Gentle

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6:30 AM Ashtanga
9:30 AM Basics*
6:00 PM Strong*

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9:30 AM Basics
4:30 PM Basics
8:00 PM Basics

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6:30 AM Ashtanga
9:30 AM Basics*
6:00 PM Strong

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9:30 AM Basics
4:30 PM Basics

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8:00 AM Strong
9:30 AM Basics*

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8:00 AM Ashtanga
6:00 PM Stretch

*Select Hybrid Classes

Semi-Private Classes by RSVP
Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays at 9:30am
Tuesdays at 6pm

Class Descriptions

The yoga we share is from a variety of schools and styles. We know it's easy to get lost in the yoga jargon so we do our best to keep it simple. All true yoga practices promotes healthy relaxation, concentration, brain plasticity, circulation, blood pressure and heart rate. Every class will include some breathing, meditation and focus practices.


Is a blend of all the Styles. All levels class this is the tried and true practice. A combination of slow stretch, gentle and flow, static postures and fluid sequences. A focus on refining the foundational poses, integrating the breath and meditation to develop flexibility of body and peace of mind. We sit, stand, do sun salutes and lay down. Modifications are suggested for all levels of yogis.

Slow Stretch

The pace is slow, we sit, lay down or maybe even stand up. Slow does not necessarily mean easy. We may hold the pose for a long time to allow  the body to open and improve concentration skills. This will stretch the connective tissues and joints and supports the mind body connection through meditative states. Good for beginners and all levels.


This is an easy restorative chill class. It is laying down in supported poses with blocks and blankets to sink deep into relaxation and meditation. This is perfect any time of day or season of life. At the end of the evening it is a blissful way to help unwind so we can truly relax. Good for all levels.


Strong. This class moves. Mostly standing this class builds strength and internal heat. Vinyasa based.  Knowledge of basic yoga is recommended.


Intelligently sequenced method that strengthens and stretches. It is the original vinyasa flow class. Knowledge of basic yoga is advised. This class will up level your current practice. Please note: If this class falls on a New or Full Moon, we honor the heavenly cycle and do not hold Ashtanga classes.


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In Studio

Our approach
Small classes
Contactless Environment
RSVP Required

Before Arriving

Self Health Check. If you feel at all under the weather do not come in.
RSVP on App
B.Y.E. Bring your own everything

During Class

Designated Mat Placement
No Adjustments

After Class

No gathering. We will miss your beautiful faces in the lobby, but for now, let's refrain.


We have some minor adjustments on the schedule so please keep checking your schedule on the App. 
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July 24th Yoga Teacher Training 200 begins


October 16-18 Yoga Retreat TBA

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