Class Descriptions

The yoga we share is from a variety of schools and styles.

Instead of getting caught up in all the jargon, we do our best to keep it simple.



is for everybody with a variety of modifications.


is for Relaxation: it is gentle and restorative movements and light meditation.

All Levels

is a faster moving class based on sun salutes and includes arm balances.


Are you a Beginner?
Start with a New Student Special and Basics or Gentle class.
Take as many teachers and times as you can to navigate your way to your sustainable schedule.


Yoga Etiquette

Please DO

Be on time
Leave shoes in the lobby
Bring a mat, small towel and water bottle
Speak with a library voice
Leave Your Phone Behind
Make Space For Other Students
Put Props Away Neatly

Please DON’T

Wear Perfume/Strong Scents
Step On Another Student’s Mat