Welcome. You have arrived where everything is perfect whole and complete. 

 Hey there you Beautiful Human

I'm Stella 

When I found yoga I was in love. I finally found a step by step system that could open my hips, my heart and my head.

In 2012, I opened Stella Luna Yoga studio as heart-centered space for you to feel safe, so you could experience alternative and holistic methods of health and well-being. 

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We began as a brick-and-mortar studio.

And now Stella Luna has expanded into the online space, where we offer live weekly classes, retreats, workshops and teacher training certification.

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In 2012, I met Jessi. After her teacher training and mentorship with me, she began teaching at my studio. And we’ve been working together ever since.

Many people had approached me with the question to write my own curriculum for a yoga school and it wasn't until Jessi that it was a YES. 

Our different perspectives and styles of teaching compliment each other. Together we are able to achieve our same goal of sharing the benefits of yoga with you.

We are on a mission to release fear and spread loving kindness like glitter, while opening your hips and mind in a fun practical way.

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Today, our hybrid 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training program, Yoga school and Retreats are available year round 

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