Teacher, Dancer, Mother, Speaker, Yogi, Curriculum Creator, Survivor, Healer, Empath, Ordained Minister, Doula, Yogi, Reiki Master, Crystal Keeper, Realtor, & Dream Maker.


Attitude is the Portal 

Hi, I'm Stella, a Spiritual Coach with a lifelong obsession with Personal Development.

My passion is to share how you can transform your awesome life into an even better one!  When I found yoga it was all the mindset and healthy living in one place. 

I am a conscious mentor and love to work 1:1 with women to empower and cultivate their wildest dreams.

I lead yoga classes and a professional program for yoga teachers. In my 20+ years of experience, I've graduated over 400 yoga teachers and served over 10,000 yoga students. I have grown a community of classes, courses, and programs to keep you healthy.

I've literally been in healthy living my entire life because I'm actually allergic to chemicals and bull sh*t.

Fascinated with the body and movement (I was a wild child) I've always been active, thanks goodness for lots of ballet  and Pilates  classes that morphed into the sporty years teaching group fitness and managing gyms until I found yoga......and my world opened up.

Everything I thought no one knew about, Energy Healing, oracle cards, psychic visions, healthy eating,.... how to be a Spiritually  sound person and how to move all in one place! I was in love. 

and here I am, ready to serve you in the highest 

Are you ready to uncover your shadows and shine like you were born to ?



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