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Welcome to the StellaVerse

We believe that attitude is the ultimate portal to a joy filled life. We are committed to providing a non judgmental space to where we all feel welcome.
So welcome hOMe!

Just across the street from Cypress College, we have two rooms and offer a variety of classes, from Beginner to Yoga 101 to Teacher Certification courses, Master Classes on health, Boot Camp, Pilates, Meditation, and more.

The yoga we share is from a variety of schools and styles. Instead of getting caught up in all the jargon, we do our best to keep it simple.
Basics is for everybody with a variety of modifications.
Gentle is for Relaxation Therapy: it is gentle and restorative movements and light meditation.
All Levels Flow is a faster moving class based on sun salutes and includes arm balances.

Are you a Beginner?
Start with a New Student Special and Basics or Gentle class.
Take as many teachers and times as you can to navigate your way to your sustainable schedule.

Or Sign Up for Our Beginners Yoga 101 class.
Bring a mat, a water bottle, small towel and an open heart.

We also offer small group classes with less than, 10 participants, like our Illuminated Transformation Wholistic Bootcamp, Pilates, and Barre. This provides the attention you need to craft your wellness program.

Sign up TODAY FOR ANYTHING !!! and we look forward to assisting you to your long and short term goals.

Take a Deep Breath.

You have arrived.

Team Stella