3 Mindfulness Techniques to Relax Your Mind - Meditation for Beginners

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How to meditate for beginners

Do you ever struggle in savasana or relaxing your mind?

Do you find it hard to keep still?

Do you feel like you want to skip the practice of meditation or savasana all together because it feels like a waste of time? Or maybe you always fall asleep? 

Calming your mind is one of the most important parts of the practice of yoga and any yoga class. By the way, falling asleep is okay, at least you are relaxed, and that is truly the point. 


Often, the reason we need to do a vinyasa flow, hot yoga class or exercise is because we need to shake off the day. Many of us are stressed and overworked, and find it challenging to sit in meditation. So we use movement to allow the body-mind to untangle from the day. This is the 3rd limb of yoga, called asana.

And asana (movement/poses) will help lead you into a relaxed state for savasana or meditation.


But, it may not always work this way.

So, if you are still struggling to release the mental chatter and keep yourself present and relaxed,


Here are 4 Mindfulness Techniques to help you relax you mind:


#1 Repeat your intention. 

Remember why you are practicing yoga and why you came to class. Use a short affirmative statement. Maybe you even set it in the beginning of your practice. Use something simple and positive like. I am healthy. I am calm. I am resilient. I am loving kindness. When you are in the middle of your practice, repeat it when you're feeling confident and especially when you're not feeling so confident. Your intention is a powerful practice. Use it again as you settle into your meditative state at the end of the class 


#2 Stay focused on your breath.

What is the one thing that is always there? Your breathing! Use it for your benefit. Stay focused on the inhalation and the exhalation, follow it. Where is your breath in your body? Where can you not feel it in your body? Can you hear your breath?  Count the inhalation in your mind's eye, Count the exhalation. Extend the inhalation, try making it longer and then try making the exhalation longer. This will require your mind to focus (the sanskrit word for this is dhyana) and this is a skill that is worth investing in.


#3 Allow the thoughts. 

Let them just run all over your mind. You can't stop them anyway so just stop trying to stop them. Allow them to run their course. You can imagine your thoughts like words on a movie screen, watch the thoughts or words or pictures across the screen and allow them to disappear when they reach the end of the screen. Do not try to stop anything. You are allowing them to free flow, come and go, over and over again. Do this and maybe you will run out of thought, maybe you won't. 


#4 Imagine a happy place. 

Your imagination is powerful. It is a way to engage your sense memory. Do you have a place real or imagined  that makes you feel totally relaxed? Do you have a memory that brings you joy or a feeling of peace and calm?  Imagine it. Feel it. Think about and feel every detail. The colors of the room, the sky, the floor, the smell in the air, the temperature, the textures of your clothes, the textures of everything you are touching. The taste in your mouth. Every detail that you can possibly think of. Stay in this happy place, investigate every detail of it and allow the feeling of serenity to wash over you.




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