Non heated Yogas benefits

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Yoga asana  is the first and super popular form of exercise that can benefit both the mind and body. While some people enjoy practicing yoga in a heated studio, non-heated yoga has its own set of benefits. Here are four reasons why non-heated yoga might be a good option for you:

#1 It can help improve your flexibility. When you practice yoga in a heated studio, your muscles are already warm and loose, which can make it easier to stretch. However, if you practice non-heated yoga, your muscles are cooler and tighter, which can actually help improve your flexibility over time. This is because your body has to work harder to stretch cold muscles, leading to greater flexibility gains.

#2 It can boost your immune system. Some research suggests that practicing yoga in a heated environment can actually weaken the immune system. On the other hand, non-heated yoga has been shown to have immune-boosting effects. One study found that people who practiced non-heated yoga had increased levels of antibodies and white blood cells, indicating a stronger immune system.

#3 It can improve your mental clarity. While heated yoga can be relaxing, it can also be easy to become too relaxed and lose focus. Non-heated yoga, on the other hand, requires more concentration and mental effort to stay balanced and focused, leading to improved mental clarity.

#4 Yoga was not originally meant to be heated. It was created to be practiced at room temperature. Although it is sometimes hot and humid in India, the sadhus practice yoga in the Himalaya mountains where it is snowing. So yoga asana is to be performed in any condition. 

Non-heated yoga has a range of benefits for both the body and mind. While it may be a bit more challenging at first, the long-term benefits make it well worth the effort. So next time you're considering a yoga class, consider giving non-heated yoga a try!


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