Elevate Your Existence with Sacred Smudging

Do you have sage but aren't sure how to use it?Ā  Would you like to know the difference between sage and palo santo ? Sign up now forĀ  access to 'Smoke and Serenity'. This online course is simply and easy and will bring clarity to any confusion you have about these sacred plants

Spiritual Growth

This mini course helps you connect with your inner self, promoting spiritual growth.

Holistic Healing

Stop waving the sage around without intention. Get groundedĀ 

Peaceful Environment

Learn how to create a peaceful environment, fostering positivity and tranquility.

Sacred Smudging $28


Signing up for 'Smoke and Serenity' also includes Cacao andĀ  Tobacco as sacred items to add to your daily rituals and alter

Sacred Smudging~ Smoke and Serenity