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Class Descriptions

If you're desire is to stress less than try a Guided Meditation called Yoga Nidra Monday and Wednesdays 8pm PST

Gentle is easy movements. Mostly sitting and laying down. Good for practicing how to chill out and down regulate. Tues 8pm pst 

Slow doesn't mean easy. Slow Stretch is good ol fashion yoga. Move slowly and get into the connective tissues for deep stretching. Sundays 6pm pst

Basics is the class that has a little bit of everything. Listen to your body and modify for your needs. This class moves fast and slow and will have many suggestions for all levels of yogis. Its the class that once you know yoga poses you will will be able to adjust to you. Tues/Thur/Sat 9:30am pst

Build some heat with Strong Vinyasa Flow class. This class moves quickly with Sun Salutes. Some experience suggested. Mon/Thur 6:30pm pst Tues 6pm                                           

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Devotional Voice with Lynda Arnold

The most comprehensive introductory immersion for learning vocal practices for meditation, opening the voice, creative vocal exploration, and spiritual practice.

Devotional Voice with Lynda Arnold

Ayurveda by Siva

All the basics of Ayurveda and how to balance You. 

Ayurveda by Siva

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