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Yoga School or Teacher Training?  What is Yoga? What are the benefits of Yoga?

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At Stella Luna Yoga School, our mission is to provide every student the tools they need to be a happy and healthy human. 

Our well-rounded trainings incorporate a wide spectrum of hatha yoga techniques to educate our students about a wholistic, integrative approach to living life with peace and awareness. Our intention is to turn your love for yoga into a deeper and consistent practice of life skills.

School begins July 29, 2020

Next 200hr RYT Session January 22 - May 28, 2021
First RYT 500hr training January 22, 2021 

We are currently accepting applications.


July 29th - September 16th

Online + Live Virtual Discussions

$1500 Includes:

  • Online courses - Presented in various forms; videos, written & visual guides.
  • Live virtual discussions on Wednesdays 6pm (July 29th-Sept. 16th)
  • Facebook support group
  • 15 Yoga classes at Stella Luna

Our Yoga School is a transformative program that will inspire you to deepen your personal practice for your health and well-being. Through our online courses and live virtual discussions you will gain a new perspective of yoga philosophy and practices. 


July 24th - November 14th, 2020 

Online + Live Masterclasses

Important Dates:

  • Opening Night - July 24th 4:30-7:30pm
  • Friday nights (July 31st-Nov. 13th) 4:30-7:30pm
  • Masterclasses:
    • August 22nd, September 19th, October 17th, November 14th
    • Saturdays 9:30am-5pm

$3300 Includes:

  • Online courses with content created by master yoga & pilates teachers, life coaches, personal trainers - Presented in various forms; videos, written & visual guides.
  • Live masterclasses: Friday nights & select Saturdays (dates above)
  • Private Facebook Group
  • 9 Yoga Classes under the mentorship of Stella or Jessi
  • 15 Additional Yoga Classes at Stella Luna Yoga
  • 200hr RYT Yoga Alliance Certification

Our 200-hour Teacher Training program is thoughtfully designed to be a balance of teaching methodology and personal practice. Through our mentorship program, our online courses, and our masterclasses together, you will get a good sense of the expansiveness of yoga, and feel confident to teach anywhere.

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How are we different from other yoga training programs?

Our online curriculum is formatted as a flipped learning model. This means you receive the information via lectures, videos & presentations online, then we discuss the information in our live virtual or in-person masterclasses. 

During our live masterclasses you get real world, hands-on application of everything you have already studied in your online course! This ensures that when you complete our 200hr Yoga Teacher Training Program you will be ready to teach yoga. We also offer mentorship opportunities, and our focus is for you to feel confident teaching yoga once you complete your training.

How does the online program work?

Once you reserve your spot and register for a Stella Luna Yoga program, you will be set up with your online login information.

Everything is laid out very clearly online. You will have unlimited access to all important documents, a syllabus, a program manual and all your curriculum. Curriculum is broken down into 4 quarters. Each quarter has specific topics and themes that will be discussed in our live masterclasses together.

To ensure your learning is engaging we are always adding new content.

Where are the live masterclasses held?

Live masterclasses are held via Zoom. Sometimes you’ll have the option to come in-studio with your teachers (tba). 

Do I have to become a yoga teacher if I go to Yoga School?

No. We offer 2 different programs. Both our programs provide you with life skills that you can apply into your daily life. Yoga School is perfect if you know already that you don’t want to teach yoga. And even if you do Yoga Teacher Training, you may decide you don’t want to teach and thats ok. 

What if I join Yoga School and then want to become a teacher?

Awesome you will join the next teacher training (and get a discount) and be so prepared!

Could I do Yoga School, then later do Teacher Training?

Absolutely! Sign up for Yoga School, absorb the info and then join our next Teacher Training session. Create the pace you need. 

What if I miss one of the live masterclass meetings?

If you miss one of the live masterclasses, you will need to call your teacher and schedule a make-up session. Your live masterclass hours count towards your Yoga Alliance certification and must be made up. Appointments will be customized to fit the hours you’ve missed. $88hr

How do I register?

Reserve your spot then complete the application and email to [email protected] 

How does the tuition work?

You can pay in full $2,700 or with a payment plan: option of 4 payments of $680, or 12 payments of $240.

How do I become eligible for certification with Yoga Alliance?

Once you’ve completed your graduation requirements (all of your program hours, your mentorship, your live masterclasses, pass all assessments with a 75% or above) you will schedule your graduation interview with Stella and Jessi and pay $300 for your certificate. This certificate enables you to register on Yoga Alliance.

How do I register with Yoga Alliance?

Once you’ve acquired your certificate, you will register via YogaAlliance.orgStella Luna Yoga School is already a registered school with Yoga Alliance, so getting yourself registered is super easy!

Stella Luna Yoga
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Content  Creator, Master Trainer, ERYT 500, Studio Owner, Doula, Real Estate Agent, Mentor

“Yoga is the foundation of any personal development. It contains all of the keys for any lock, situation or circumstance. It creates a safe place to listen and navigate how to meet your needs. It is a spiritual technology that uses ancient wisdom and modern tools. It is for anyone and everyone.  I want to share the joy that yoga has brought into my life to my life, because I am a testament that this works."

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Content Creator, ERYT 500, Personal Trainer, Pilates Instructor, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Massage Therapist

“There is an electric energy you get when you connect with yourself. Yoga is the practice of showing up and connecting to that electricity. Yoga has helped me in so many ways, and learning how to synchronize with my energy has strengthened my ability to respond to life. I love being able to hold space for people to release, express, and engage with themselves. To help people move courageously and boldly in their bodies.”

Stella Luna Yoga School trainers are passionate about the growth and development of all our students.

Our approaches are deeply rooted in positive intentions and are styles match our enthusiastic personalities.

We consider ourselves students of yoga in all areas of our lives, and we teach what we personally have practiced.

Grounded in compassion, we are here to serve our community.

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All levels of fitness and yoga practitioners are welcome to apply for our training. 

Stella Tryon
E-mail: stellalunaschool@gmail.com
(714) 906-3083

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