$28.00 USD

Stellas monthly New Moon ceremony where we gather to discover how to align with our natural feminine cycles and the current cycle of the moon. We clear let go of the old and celebrate our wins as we welcome in new energy when the sky is dark.

Sacred Smudging

Unveil the Power of Sacred Smudging: 🔥

In the mystical embrace of sacred smudging, we invite you to discover the ancient art of using plants as allies to clear stagnant energies that weigh on your soul. Immerse yourself in the transformative experience of Smoke and Serenity, where every waft of fragrant smoke becomes a whisper from nature, guiding you towards inner balance.

What you'll get:

  • Intention Setting, Grounding
  • Uses of Sage, Palo Santo & Sweetgrass
  • Bonus Tobacco and Cacao


What People Are Saying:

Stella is one of the most profound and wise women I've ever worked with. She gave me clarity when I felt confused