Backbends & The Joy of Aging Gracefully (IN-PERSON)

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Backbends & The Joy of Aging Gracefully (IN-PERSON)

“Age is measured by the flexibility of the spine, therefore to stay young, we have to stay flexible” – -Yogi Bhajan

In India, the great yoga gurus calculate the age of a person according to their flexibility. And the secret to keeping your spine healthy and flexible is with safe backbending.


In this 2-hour workshop you will:

  • Gain an understanding of why backbends are essential to feeling young and full of natural energy
  • Learn which backbend poses are best for your body, and how to practice them safely.
  • Simple exercises that will help you keep your spine safe and free of injury during yoga poses.
  • Receive an Ayurvedic-inspired lunch that will support digestion and make you feel at ease.


Date: Sunday, April 14th

Time: 11am-1pm PST

Location: Sedona Star Holistic Spa in Buena Park, CA

Exchange: $77