3 Things I learned from my first Yoga Teacher Training, Meet Stella

Hi, my name is Stella. I am a dancer, a mother, a doula of birth and death, a happiness advocate, a realtor,  a teacher, a change maker, a healer. I am all of these things and so much more. I feel my way through my life, it is the only way to do it for me, it has kept me alive.  I do what feels good.

I studied dance and theater in school, and in my early 20s I had my 3 children.  I worked as an instructor and coordinator at a big gym when I discovered Yoga Teacher Training and it was the first training that helped me figure out how to be successful at life.  It was a school that gave me a way to create the quality of life I wanted, and it taught me how to create a career for myself, while enjoying my love for movement. Yoga gave me a direction. It gave me a way to channel & harness my ideas to produce a life that was conducive to my family.  A lifestyle where I get to have it all. A career AND a family, healthy relationships AND a sex life, happiness AND money.

I have been teaching yoga for 30 years.  I have my own yoga studio, Yoga Teacher Training and Life School.  The manifestation of everything in my life is because yoga practices are the root of all wholistic therapies.

3 Things I learned from my first yoga teacher training:

  1. I am capable. I learned that I could take the system (any system) and adapt it to fit my personal needs.

  2. There is hope. Don’t give up. There are unlimited resources.  Yoga Teacher Training was the ultimate resource center for me.

  3. There is freedom in a spiritual path.  I learned that I can have my own personalized approach to my spirituality. I didn't have to pick one thing. I didn't have to choose a church or a service to go to.  My yoga mat is my spiritual path, I don’t have to go anywhere or do anything to get it.

Stella Tryon