Connect with your energy

In yoga, we use our breath as a tool to focus our attention on the present moment.  Taking full, deep breaths allows your energy to move, and it brings you into an aware & mindful state of being.  Learning how to control your breath is called “Pranayama,” which can be translated as “life energy control.”

When we take a physical breath, there is a corresponding movement of energy up & down the spine.  It is subtle yet, powerful. And the more you practice tuning into the sensations of breath moving in the body, the easier it will get to harness your own life energy.

Guidelines to keep in mind while practicing breath work:

  • Keep your face, throat, neck & shoulders relaxed.

  • Always give away (exhale) more than you take in.

  • Find a comfortable position & Maintain a long spine.

  • To help you feel the energy, Close your eyes.

  • Go slow, be easy with yourself.

Here is a short video to practice along with: