3 Habits of a Yogi

Practicing yoga opens your heart and your mind to many things.

Unconscious patterns become revealed, and you begin to ask yourself, “why do I keep doing that?,” “is that really the best thing for me right now.” The light of awareness can be a wake-up call to want to do things differently.

Well, “where do I begin?” you may ask… SLY lifestyle suggests that you cultivate a few positive habits first (instead of taking some away).

Here are SLY’s 3 habits of a yogi:

#1: Choose your attitude.

Be aware of your thoughts, and you’ll start to see the world with a different lens.  You begin to understand that you have a choice. Yogis embrace that choice and choose positivity.

Knowing you have a choice, creates the space possible. We create the choice for ourselves even when their feels like no choice.

#2: Say “yes!” to what feels good.

Choose energies that feel good for you. Give yourself permission to choose the environment, people, thoughts, ideas that allow you to feel happy and fulfilled. You are so worth it

#3: Saying “no” to what’s not a f***k yes.

Your health, your well being, your happiness comes first.

When you are of the right mind, then you are able to better help others, and the world!