Private Classes - what's it all about?

Pilates - Yoga - Reiki - Stretch - Thai Yoga Massage - Aromatherapy - Strength

How do you know if you would benefit from private coaching?

This is perfect for the beginner - in 3 private sessions you will feel confident to navigate your way through to which class and how to modify tailored to your needs! Way to take charge of your body awareness!!

This is also perfect for someone with experience! You have been coming to yoga a few times a week for a while now and you need to take it to the next level? Need a better understanding of how to deep dive into a pose? Out amazing teachers can help you achieve your best practice.


Stretch Sessions ~ Using Thai Yoga massage Techniques you are receive a complete stretch; fully clothed

Reiki ~ guided meditation and relaxation session. 

Aromatherapy ~ essential oils used to relax and revitalize the senses. We use a drop technique of oils on the back of the spine. 

Strength ~ Tone, Shape and Strengthen with a conscious personal trainer.

Private Coaching

Pay as you go: 1 session: $75
Packages:   3 sessions: $180        6 sessions: $360 11 sessions $1034

semi-Private (2-5 people)

Pay as you go:     1 session: $130
Packages: 3 sessions: $359 6 sessions: $708


We suggest meeting weekly for three weeks consecutively and adjust as needed.
This allows the deep dive into the root cause and how to address it the most effectively and efficiently. The process can take some time and there are a lot of variables.


Varies per person: a minimum 3 month commitment suggested.
This is a personalized journey and the ability to implement the practice will impact progress


Ashley -Yoga/ Reiki/Pilates. (Monday 930am) 714-499-3984
Hannah- Stretch/Yoga /Reiki./Tarot Card  (Wed or Fri  12pm) 714-606-5530
Jessi -Yoga/Stretch/ Pilates (Fri3pm) 714-329-9057
Stella-All Modalities 714-906-3083
Michelle- Aromatherapy/Yoga Open

Cancellation Policy

Please understand this is enforced to create space for other students.
All Late cancellations result in a lost session.
You may cancel up to 12 hrs prior to your session.  If you cancel within 12 hrs or do not show up your session will be deducted from your package.
Private and Semi Private Sessions are by appointment only.
All Sales Final. Packages cannot be refunded. Non transferrable
No Freeze No Hold for short term packages.

Packages and Sessions good for 6 months.