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Camille Aragon

instagram: @camilleofaragon
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How long have you been teaching yoga?
Since 2009

3 Things I learned from my first yoga teacher training

One cold winter day in 2009, I boarded a flight from Boston to Costa Rica for my first yoga teacher training at Nosara Yoga Institute. I was a new young professional with a lot to process about life, healing and the art of Yoga. 

So many beautiful memories and insights took place during those four weeks in jungle beach pura vida. It was truly a transformative and life-changing experience. 

But perhaps most meaningful was its lasting way of reminding me to shine light on the beauty of living in the present moment.

Here are the 3 most memorable things I learned from my first yoga teacher training that remind me to be here now:

1) Witness Consciousness, the concept of compassionately observing an experience. 

2) Sharing your authentic self plus active listening equals good communication skills. 

3) "Isn't that interesting?" Instead of reacting, a nonjudgmental phrase for responding mindfully.