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New To Yoga?

First things first, we want to give you a big ‘ol high five for getting this far!

You deserve to make your health and self-care a priority and by signing up to come strike a yoga pose with us, that tells us we’re on the same page here!

While we can’t wait to have you in the studio, we want to make sure you know all the details so you can feel like a seasoned pro from the second you sign in.

Here’s the scoop:
Arrive 15 minutes before your class is set to start. That will ensure that you’ve got all the time you need to get signed in, have us show you around, get you acquainted with the space, scope out your spot

If you are arriving by car, you can park in front of the studio or along Lakeshore Drive.

We prefer coming in off of Lakeshore Drive.

Because you’ll be moving, we recommend wearing closely fitting workout attire, but by all means, wear what makes you comfortable! Gear wise, bring a yoga mat, water bottle, and small face towel if you please. We do have a few community mats to use at your own discretion. Also, once you enter our studio, please take off your shoes in the lobby before entering the classroom. We have a no shoe policy in all of our classrooms and they can be stored with your belongings or in the lobby.

When you first walk in, one of our wonderful receptionists, called desk angels or possibly a teacher will greet you, get you set up and let you know where you’ll be taking class and will give you a grand tour!

Sacred Space
We honor yoga as a spiritual, mental and physical  practice and therefore do not use our phones in the classroom. We ask that you kindly tag us in your social media and then turn off your phone before you enter the class room. If you need to be on your phone please step outside.

We know sitting down to the schedule and list of instructors may leave you wondering what to take first, {we have trouble deciding which or whose class to take ourselves...we love them all!!} so we thought we’d step in with a few suggestions to make it smoother surfing with your first few classes with us.

If you've never taken yoga before consider starting with Gentle, Slow Stretch  or Basics. In a Gentle or Slow Stretch class you will experience slow movements, soft voices and meditative poses. This is good for every one to slow down and enjoy the bliss of relaxation. Basics .will move fast and slow and will have many modifications for all levels of yogis.

Q: What types or styles of classes do you offer and what time are they?
A: We offer plenty of group classes 7 days a week!

You can find all of our class times as well as descriptions of the classes that we have to offer on our app.

Download our Stella Luna App for pricing and easy booking. 

Click below on iPhone or Android to download the app.

Q: Where can I see all the current classes available to the schedule and/or how often can I come into take a class?
With a New Student Special, you can take any group class. Private sessions and small group sessions can be purchased separately!

Q: Speaking of instructors and trainers, what are their qualifications?
A: All of our teachers are all highly experienced and educated. All of our teachers have had over 300 hours of training, most have over 1,000 hrs of experience teaching. Our yoga studio and yoga school is registered through Yoga Alliance. Our teachers have training from all over the world, California, Arizona,  New York, India, Africa.  

Q: What if I am pregnant? Do you have prenatal classes?
A: We have Prenatal appropriate classes. We have instructors that are confident with modifying the poses for the changing body as she blossoms. If you are new to yoga start with a gentle, slow stretch or a basics class. We also suggest giving yourself the gift of a  private session or two. Did you know Stella is a birth doula? She is happy to provide a free consultation.

Have more questions we didn’t cover here? We’re not afraid, hit us with your best shot!

Connect with us through email or social media  to let us know if there are any other questions we can help answer.

Thank You for allowing us the opportunity.

We are here to help.
Team Stella

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