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Amber Ray

Amber Ray is a yoga Teacher, professional belly dancer and instructor, model, Bhakti yogi, mother and early childhood educator. She has dedicated much of her life to her art forms, passions, and studies of yoga and belly dance.  Amber has been studying yoga asana for 17 years and yoga philosophy for 8 years. She is a certified yoga instructor through Yoga 108 in Long Beach (200RYT). Amber is also an 8 Elements of Belly Dance Cultivate, completing 90 hours of study and training belly dance and yoga at Studio Datura in Portland Oregon.                             

Amber is a Bhakti Yogi, regularly studying ancient Vedic scriptures in temples with her gurus, and living the lifestyle of an aspiring Krishna Devotee. She is passionate about guiding people to cultivate balance and peace in their lives. Experiencing first hand how transformative yoga is, she is dedicated to spreading this ancient tradition to transform people's lives, so they may discover the gift of healing body mind and spirit that yoga provides.