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Amanda Shepard

Yoga has been Amanda’s passion since 1998. What started as a reprieve from the fast pace of NYC turned into to a transformative guide. After a zig-zag across the country and starting a family, Amanda became a certified, 200-hour, yoga teacher thru Yoga Works (Costa Mesa, CA) in 2012. She went on to earn her level 1 certification in Yoga Tune Up ® in 2017, and mentored, 150 hours, with Erika Burkhalter in 2018. In between these studies, Amanda continues to take workshops. She enjoys studying philosophy, Sanskrit language, anatomy, and many approaches to the practice such as yin yoga and “smart flow”.  Amanda’s practice and guidance seek to bring two main elements, connection and balance. She uses a functional anatomy approach to alignment, so each person is working intelligently within his or her body. For Amanda, transitions between poses represent the constant "flux" of our daily lives. Her carefully crafted sequences, including transitions, educate body mechanics and efficient movement while shaping ease within flux. Asana choices are deliberate with options offered to keep everyone in the room connected to his or her breath. Light chanting, philosophy, and the occasional “aha” moment make into the room. “Yoga to You” is her motto.

 Off the mat, Amanda is at the beach as often as possible. She is mom to a human boy and canine girl.


I love the connection yoga fosters; it starts with breath, moves us deeper within, expands us beyond our perceived limits, and lets us find space to feel playful every day.