Alexandra Seymour

When Allie was introduced to yoga at the age of fifteen, she felt as if she had found something she had been searching an eternity for. The attraction to the challenging task of introspection and stillness was magnetic. At age twenty, Allie was reintroduced to yoga by stumbling upon the Stella Luna Yoga Studio, and there, by sheer fate, also found her very first yoga instructor from five years prior! Two years later, she still enjoys learning how to tune out the world around her and find her place of peace, and enjoys teaching others to do the same. Allie lives to travel, explore, love, learn, and search for balance. She is currently an undergraduate Psychology major at Cal State University Long Beach (CSULB), and hopes to use her knowledge of Psychology, yoga, and healthful living to help others to not just accept change, but welcome it with wide-open arms.