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January 24th, 2020


SLY Education

At Stella Luna Yoga School, our mission is to provide every student the tools they need to be a happy and healthy human. With community and integrity, our programs are blueprints to help you practice immersion into being your best self.

Our well-rounded trainings incorporate a wide spectrum of hatha yoga techniques to educate our students about a wholistic, integrative approach to living life with peace and awareness. Our intention is to turn your love for yoga into a deeper and consistent practice of life skills.

School begins January 24th, 2020

We are currently accepting applications.

Yoga School

Our Yoga School is a transformative program that will inspire you to deepen your personal practice for your health and well-being. Through our online courses and workshops you will gain a new perspective of yoga philosophy and practices.

Teacher Training

Our 200-hour Teacher Training program is thoughtfully designed to be a balance of teaching methodology and personal practice. Our comprehensive curriculum provides the foundations for enhancing your practice while you cultivate and hone your teaching skills. Through our mentorship program, our extensive online courses, and our weekend masterclasses together, you will get a good sense of the expansiveness of yoga, and be able to teach anywhere.

YA Certification

Meet Your Lead Trainers

Stella Tryon - Content Creator, Master Trainer, ERYT 500, Studio Owner, Doula, Real Estate agent, Mentor

“Yoga is the foundation of any personal development. It contains all of the keys for any lock, situation or circumstance. It creates a safe place to listen and navigate how to meet your needs. It is a spiritual technology that uses ancient wisdom and modern tools. It is for anyone and everyone.  I want to share the joy that yoga has brought into my life to my life, because I am a testament that this works. 

Jessi McMaster - Content Creator, ERYT 500, Personal Trainer, Pilates instructor, Strength & Conditioning Coach

“There is an electric energy you get when you connect with yourself.  And yoga is the practice of showing up and connecting. Yoga has helped me synchronize my energy into coherence.  My ability to respond is enhanced and I see all of my life as a work of art. I love being able to hold space for people to release and express themselves.  To help people move courageously and boldly in their bodies.”

Stella Luna Yoga School trainers are passionate about the growth and development of all our students.
Our approaches are deeply rooted in positive intentions and are styles match our enthusiastic personalities.
We consider ourselves students of yoga in all areas of our lives, and we teach what we personally have practiced.
Grounded in grace, compassion and clear boundaries we are here to serve our community.

You know you want to do yoga school, but you aren’t sure which one? Fill out an application and turn it in. Stella will then call you and you will have the opportunity to chat and evaluate if we are a fit and which program is for you.

Then you will pay the first payment of $300 (non refundable) and we will set up your enrollment, your payment plan, add you to the Facebook group, and begin the process of taking classes at the studio.

If you enroll in TT we will also connect you with a mentor.

Finally, you will receive the study materials in December! We will meet January 24th to celebrate and start the deep dive in!!

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